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  • Hi~ Wang you are right. Your suggestion is really good and be impressioned to me.. So Now a days I listening the MINI STORY with keep the relax. I’m doing the way your suggest. Anyway thank you for your suggestions.

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  • Greetings from Korea~^^ Hello, I’m Jim. I had many problems with learning Chinese… so, I tried many lessons that learn Chinese… But I don’t think they were good stuff as your Chinese lessons.^^ I like your rules. Thank you Wang.
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  • 非常感谢你的方法,我的汉语进步了. I want to express my gratitude to you, Teach Wang! You give me confidence in Chinese learning, I start my Chinese learning from the begining of last year, but I am shamed to speak my pour Mandarin, in Feb. I know you, you teach me how to sspeak Chinese easily, only 3 month I could speak Chinese. it is better than my last year! Thank you again!
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  • I learned about your teaching system purely by chance.. One night, having studied Chinese for an hour and feeling very tired, I was sitting all alone and write “how to speak fluent Chinese” in google.. And then found your website!! .. That was a relief for me.. I’m visual and auditory so that system is just tailor-made for me!
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  • I have been in the China a year ago for 18 months. Unfortunately, time passed fast and now Im in my country. My grammar is ok, but I still need to learn a lot of things. I love to speak Chinese and I’m so glad that i found your website. I’m working and trying to study Chinese here. Unless I study my Chinese it gets worse every day. So Im now your student, and I will follow your rules. Im sure that they will work for me too.
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  • i will try it and i think that is sense and it more easier then the boring way of studying Chinese .. AND THANKS you again for your help go on man.
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  • I will try to implement in my day to day activities, Will update you my improvements. What I am expecting from this course – I like to talk some big story in Chinese. With confident.
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  • I hope improve my Chinese in this year, I would like to talk with you about the possibility work with you by three months maybe and practice real Chinese… What do you think??? I consider that it can be another opportunity for the Super Easy Chinese family… best wishes.
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  • You’re a best teacher around the world. I love your method. Your method has served me a lot to understand Chinese. I’m a beginner from SPAIN, but, your teaching way is amazing, is awesome. God bless you for ever.
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  • I thank you for your real enthusiasms to help us find that important energy to activate our brain to do what is natural for it. I believe it. The first step is discovering the energy for wanting to break down the wall of problems around us and than listen you as much as it is possible. I need to learn Chinese so much. Thank you for your stimulation.
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