An MP3 Chinese Lessons for Your Spare Time

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An MP3 lesson is the most convenient and efficient way of learning Chinese. Compare this to the bulkier predecessors like CDs or tapes. With interchangeable parts and limited data storage. Now you can access a veritable library on a tiny iPod with the touch of a few buttons. You can easily carry it on the train, while walking around town, on the bus or even while exercising.

MP3 lessons make it very easy to learn with NET time. (meaning NO EXTRA TIME)

This concept refers to “stacking” of tasks on top of the busy time you spend doing things that don't require much of your attention. Also known as multitasking.


Why not use your time waiting in line at the bank to listen to my MP3 lessons. Power up your iPod and learn Chinese, it's that simple.


A trip to the Gym, a walk or a run- anywhere is a good place to attend the Super Easy Chinese Course. This way, you double your productivity. Your get your body strong and you increase mental acuity with excellent examples of spoken Chinese.

Chinese MP3 Lessons and NET Time


Try to turn NET into a game. Think about the pace of your day. There must be some time-consuming tasks that steal away your ability to learn Chinese. Perhaps while you wash the dishes after a meal or while doing laundry. You can listen while sitting in traffic.


Many students complain that they don't have time for Chinese lessons, but it's simply not true. You do have time, but you have to think creatively. Attending school is a large drain on available time. However, the school can now come to you. Get these high quality MP3 Chinese lessons, put them on your iPod, and use your NET time wisely all while learning Chinese quickly and easily. The time for excuses is over- Manage your NET time so you can learn to speak fluent Chinese.


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