How to Learn Chinese Speaking Very Fast

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How to Quickly Learn Chinese Speaking


Every week, I get emails about this very topic. Typically, someone writes in and asks how they can speak fluently in just two or three months. Usually, they are at a critical juncture against an impending test or interview.

Ideally, it's best to spend more time preparing for such a task. Still, it is an interesting question. Is it possible to learn Chinese so rapidly? Does such a limited time frame afford for such massive improvements?


The answer is YES.

But of course, to make these massive improvements requires consistent and intense effort.

So, how can this be done? How can one improve so rapidly? What are my recommendations?



The primary source for the completion of such a goal is a substantive amount of passion. Tremendous emotional power is a must in order to learn within such a limited time frame.


Why is this so? Because one must study 8-14 hours a day... during every hour one must remain alert, interested, and energetic.


Improving this quickly requires that someone bolster their emotion. An obsession with Chinese is required. One must be passionate and incredibly enthusiastic. Remember, Emotion is 80% and method is just 20%.

To create this kind of passion, a person needs compelling reasons for learning Chinese. Simply wanting to do well on a test or wanting to get a new job are not powerful enough reasons. Your motivation must come from a sense of critical execution that goes above and beyond. Imagine all the incredible benefits you can have as a fluent Chinese speaker! Imagine how your life can change in just five years. Ten years. Twenty years.


If you are financially motivated, imagine the riches that learning Chinese can bring you. Visualize your dream house, dream car, and your dream life.


If Love motivates you, imagine how Chinese can help you meet wonderful people from other countries. Imagine dating beautiful or handsome foreigners! Imagine incredible Love and Passion- All possible because you became a fluent Chinese speaker.


On the other end, you might imagine how terrible things might happen if you fail to fluently speak Chinese. Imagine all the job opportunities missed. Imagine all the people you won't get to meet. Imagine how bad your life will be because you aren't fluent in speaking Chinese. Whatever method works best to foster the urgency needed for this kind of achievement.


Make your reasons exponentially larger. Bigger Reasons = Bigger Passion. Bigger Passion = Bigger Success.

Emotions are the key. Make your emotions stronger! Become obsessed with Chinese!


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