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How to Use Your First Chinese Lesson?


By now, you’ve already ordered my Super Easy Chinese Lessons. Now, I really want to show you how best to utilize these special lessons. I’m really excited for you because you’re embarking on a new path to speak Chinese quickly and easily. With my method you’ll notice that words in Chinese suddenly spring forth from your mouth, automatically. You will approach speaking in Chinese with confidence and in a relaxed manner. I am confident you will be satisfied with the results. Gone are the days of sad and boring lessons.

How to Use My Lessons:

1. Start with the lesson set named “The Angry Tiger.”


2. Make note of the unfamiliar words and look them up in the referenced vocabulary list. It’s important to go slow and not proceed without a firm understanding of each word. This is active listening and helps you retain the information on several levels of understanding.


3. Listen to all the lessons in the set daily for one whole week.


4. Listen to the Mini-Story lesson twice a day, more if you have the time.


5. Complete and answer the Mini-Story questions out loud.


6. Don’t think about the grammar itself. Don’t memorize, just work through it.


7. Relax, Listen, and Respond. Everything happens automatically through your subconscious.


It is important to relax and smile as you listen to these Chinese Lessons. It’s OK if you don’t want to practice saying the words for now. Super Easy Chinese is a “Listen First” system. Listening is very important, in fact it is key! You should devote one hour (or more) to these lessons every day. If it sounds simple, it is! That’s all you need to do. If you do, I guarantee your success.


Good Luck, and enjoy the lessons!


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