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Languages should be learned subconsciously, instead of consciously. The latest research shows that subconscious learning is more effective than consciously "studying" a language. In countless studies, the result is very often the same : students who learn Chinese subconsciously learn faster and with higher recollection than students who use the outdated analytical study methods.


So what are the differences between the subconscious and the traditional conscious methods?

Well, you are probably already familiar with the old conscious way of learning Chinese. You analyze Chinese grammar, memorize a substantial vocabulary and translate Chinese phrases. In school this method has you consciously study the components of Chinese as if it were a car. It was cut up and the parts were studied independent from one another, word by word. Rule by rule. The result, as you know, is that you know a lot about Chinese grammar and translation but the nuance of idiom and syntax are missing. Which makes your spoken Chinese unintelligible to native speakers.


Subconscious methods are much more effective. This method provides conversational and understandable groups of sentences as spoken by the greater populace of China. Your subconscious picks up on usage styles and exceptions in the rules of grammar while listening to these lessons. Your brain does all the work for you. These stories, articles, movies and novels allow you to relate to spoken Chinese on a deeper level without memorization or analytical confusion.

Super Easy Chinese System's Subconscious Leraning Method


The Super Easy Chinese System's subconscious learning method allows you to learn grammar by listening to quirky yet entertaining short stories. We carefully repeat grammatical patters during the story, but the rules are subtextual and are happening behind the scenes.


When you learn using my method, you eventually pick up on the correct use of Chinese grammar wihtout thinking explicitly of the rules being applied.


You must trust that this method works. Just because it's easy doesn't make it ineffective. Students are sometimes fearful to use their subconscious mind for these reasons. The relaxed and enjoyable approach to learning Chinese is finally available. It is a natural approach and it works better with less effort. Don't let fear get in the way of your goal to learn to speak Chinese well!


Don't be a fearful student. Change the way you learn. Learn Chinese Subconsciously and speak excellent Chinese at last!


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Mr Wang is the Founder and Editorial Director at Super Easy Chinsee Ssytem. You can also find his on Google+ and.

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